Every Kreepy Krauly has been designed and manufactured to be truly automatic. You simply set and forget. Your pool will be swim-ready, allowing you to spend your precious time on the more important moments in life.

  • The Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank is the first pool cleaner with Robotic X-Over™ (crossover) technology – The intelligence of a robotic cleaner AND the convenience of a suction cleaner – A truly automatic and cleverly efficient pool cleaner.


    Unstickable in any pool

    rX stands for robotic crossover which provides mobility, strength and suction power never seen before in a cleaner making it a formidable cleaning force, even on variable speed pumps. This cleaner is energy savings ready:
    • Zero running costs on single speed pumps
    • Tunes and operates with any variable speed pump
    • Human energy saver
    • Works under pool blankets
    Halo Pump Protection: The State-of-the-art Halo Pump Protection is like a guardian angel for your pool pump, ensuring your cleaner releases off the pool wall preventing air from entering your system. Still a proudly Australian made and designed pool cleaning solution. Patents Pending on rX-Tank.

    rX-Tank’s Key Benefits:

    This rX-Tank provides unmatchable fully automatic pool cleaning, which allows for truly hassle-free pool cleaning. It is designed to cover your pool, with a programmed gearing system to ensure it doesn’t get stuck whilst drawing water from different areas of your pool to its specifically designed filtration and sanitation system, ensuring you get a cleaner and healthy pool, by reducing dead spots.
  • The new Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 is a true Automatic Pool Cleaning Solution – simply set and forget.

    Kreepy Krauly VTX-7’s Vortex Action and Scrubbing Silicon Seal delivers a triple cleaning action to thoroughly clean your pool top, bottom and sides. With its Ultra Flex Hose and Adjustable Steering System, VTX-7 delivers maximum coverage of your pool. The Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 is suitable for all pool material types. Its Crisscross Cleaning Pattern is best suited to pools with curved walls.



    The powerful vortex vacuum gives your pool a true top to bottom clean by sucking up sand and debris, scrubbing away calcium and algae build up, and powering the Smart-Skim to pull floating leaves and insects into the skimmer box.


    The Oversized Leaf Scoop captures and remove large leaves that other cleaners can’t.


    The Ultra Flex Hose and Adjustable Steering System create a Crisscross Cleaning Pattern to allow the VTX-7 to move freely and optimise coverage.


    VTX-7 is built to last. It’s covered by a massive 10-year Warranty on the Flow Drive – its single moving part, and a 2-year Full System Warranty. Plus, you have the back up of local service and support. kreepy-krauly-optional-autoskim-logo kreepy-krauly-warranties-logos-1 Download Brochure
  • The New VTX-3 - genuine Kreepy Krauly with amazing Vortex Cleaning Technology. Only Kreepy Krauly has Vortex Cleaning Technology that creates a powerful vacuum to remove difficult sand and debris. The unique scrubbing seal dislodges calcium and algae from the pool surface for a pool cleaning performance like no other. The VTX-3 has Kreepy Kraulys “Vortex Cleaning Technology “ that scrubs, sweeps and thoroughly vacuums your pool removing difficult sand and other debris using a true random action coverage for a perfectly clean pool. The smooth bore and flexibility of the Kreepy Krauly Ultra Flex hose delivers optimum cleaning performance and completes the system. kreepy-krauly-warranties-logos-2 Download Brochure
  • Sprinta Plus cleans the trickiest of pools with ease. Its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped. It’s not only ‘unstickable’ it’s unstoppable. The straight through turbine creates a powerful vortex for maximum continuous suction. It can easily cope with the heaviest of leaf loads. With no wheels or tracks to jam and enclosed gears, not even sand and grit can slow a Sprinta Plus.



    The Intelligent Steering System allows Sprinta Plus to navigate the tightest corners and optimises coverage of your pool.


    The vortex vacuum gives your pool a true top to bottom clean by sucking up sand and debris, scrubbing away calcium and algae build up, and powering the Smart-Skim to pull floating leaves and insects into the skimmer box.


    The straight through turbine design means it can handle large debris and leaves with ease. It resists choking or jamming when the cleaning gets tough.UNBEATABLE WARRANTIES You have the assurance of a 2-year Full System Warranty and a 10-year Flow Turbine Warranty. This is your guarantee of years of reliable, continuous performance. kreepy-krauly-optional-autoskim-logo kreepy-krauly-warranties-logos-1 Download Brochure

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