Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank is the first pool cleaner with Robotic X-Over™ (crossover) technology – The intelligence of a robotic cleaner AND the convenience of a suction cleaner – A truly automatic and cleverly efficient pool cleaner.


Unstickable in any pool

rX stands for robotic crossover which provides mobility, strength and suction power never seen before in a cleaner making it a formidable cleaning force, even on variable speed pumps.

This cleaner is energy savings ready:

  • Zero running costs on single speed pumps
  • Tunes and operates with any variable speed pump
  • Human energy saver
  • Works under pool blankets

Halo Pump Protection: The State-of-the-art Halo Pump Protection is like a guardian angel for your pool pump, ensuring your cleaner releases off the pool wall preventing air from entering your system.

Still a proudly Australian made and designed pool cleaning solution.

Patents Pending on rX-Tank.

rX-Tank’s Key Benefits:

This rX-Tank provides unmatchable fully automatic pool cleaning, which allows for truly hassle-free pool cleaning. It is designed to cover your pool, with a programmed gearing system to ensure it doesn’t get stuck whilst drawing water from different areas of your pool to its specifically designed filtration and sanitation system, ensuring you get a cleaner and healthy pool, by reducing dead spots.

Pool Professors talk about rX-Tank – by Kreepy Krauly


Pool Professors talk about a GPS tracking the rX-Tank pool cleaner – by Kreepy Krauly

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