Pool Heaters

  • What is a Saturn Smart Inverter?

    Saturn Smart Inverter is the latest pool heat pump technology powered by a Smart Inverter compressor and fan motor. It can adjust heating capacity from 25% to 100% intelligently and automatically according to different heating demands. When temperatures are cooler and heating demand is higher, the Saturn Smart Inverter will run with 100% compressor and fan speeds for fast heating. During most of the season when maintaining pool temperature, the Saturn Smart Inverter will run at lower speeds with a much higher and superior COP (Coefficient of Performance). This will deliver significant savings in power consumption and running costs.

    Save your energy bill

    Saturn Smart Inverter highest COP is 12 at Air 26°C/Water 26°C/Humidity 80%, which means 1kW of electricity consumption can provide you up to 12kW heat in return. Standard on/off heat pumps can only provide around 5kW of heat as it can only deliver a much lower COP. aquatight-saturn-smart-inverter-consumption-graphic

    Silent Operation

    Thanks to a super quiet DC Smart Inverter compressor, special low-speed running philosophy of the compressor and fan motor, Saturn Smart Inverter can offer you super quiet operation by around 7d(B)A lower sound levels compared to a standard on/off heat pump.

    Plus Much More

    Soft Start Technology is incorporated into Saturn Smart Inverter units. Normal heat pumps will create a large current draw on your electrical system at initial start- up which can sometimes overload your electrical system. Soft Start Technology is designed to slowly draw required current from 0 Amps to the full rated current over a 2 minute period in order to help prevent overload and triggering your safety RCD switch. Reverse cycle defrosting provides high efficient automatic defrosting in low temperatures. Screwed Titanium Heat Exchanger provides up to 50% more efficiency in performance.
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  • Swim in a heated pool all year round

    Easy installation, remarkably efficient and up to 80% less to operate than gas or electric pool heating. The Saturn Heat Pump extracts ambient heat from the air, transfers it into compressed heated refrigerant gas and the heat is used to warm your pool even on cool days.

    Quality, Reliability and Durability

    • Strong corrosion free ABS plastic casing
    • Inbuilt automatic 4 way defrost valve
    • Silver welding ensures high integrity of the gas piping system
    • Amazing energy saving – 1Kw input produces 5.7Kw of heating
    • Ideal for salt water pools
    • 10 Year heat exchanger warranty + 3 years on the whole unit
    • 3 models to suit pools up to 85,000 litres
    The information provided is valid under ideal conditions with the pool covered with an isothermal cover.

    Heat and Cool

    The Aquatight Saturn heat pumps not only heat your pool they also cool with equal efficiency. aquatight-10-year-warranty-3-year-logoaquatight-eco-friendly-logo Download Brochure
  • At last, pool heating you can afford to run all year

    Aquatight Titanium Heat Pumps are the affordable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat your pool so you can swim all year long. Unique Aquatight heat pump technology uses free warmth from the air to heat your pool – at a fraction of the cost of other heating methods. The secret is in Aquatight’s world-class performance. Aquatight Titanium Heat Pumps are 15 to 30% more efficient than competitive units – meaning they can save you up 80% on running costs compared to alternative gas or electric pool heating. Aquatight matches its performance and efficiency with quality, reliability and durability. They use top quality Japanese and European components. The Titanium Heat Exchanger can never rust or corrode and carries a 10 year warranty. Aquatight Heat Pumps also feature more accurate and durable commercial-grade digital controllers, special water flow switches and high-capacity compressor capacitors. There’s a full range of Aquatight Heat Pumps to suit every size pool. All offer whisper-quiet operation, fast, easy installation and an attractive, unobtrusive heating unit. Tired of just looking at your pool once the cooler weather comes along? Get a world-class Aquatight Titanium Heat Pump – and jump in. aquatight-10-year-warranty-3-year-logoaquatight-eco-friendly-logo Download Brochure
  • Your swimming pool is fantastic for cooling the family down during the hot Summer months, but imagine being able to use your pool all year round. Invite your friends and family over for a birthday party and a swim in the cooler months. Exercise all year round and save on gym memberships. An Insnrg Gi Gas Heater is one of the best investments you will ever make.

    On Demand Swimming

    A gas pool and spa heater has the capacity and energy to heat your pool fast. So fast in fact, that it does not have to be left on all the time. Fancy a swim this weekend? Turn your gas heater on Friday night or Saturday morning to achieve idyllic water temperature over the weekend, then simply turn it off on Sunday night. Got the impulse to use your spa? A correctly sized gas heater can heat your spa in an hour or less. Only gas can be turned on and off to suit your swimming or spa bathing needs, heating on demand and reducing your energy bills.

    Efficient on Energy

    Insnrg’s double row heat exchanger extracts more than 83% of the energy from the burner, making the Gi one of the most efficient heaters on the market. Combine the heat exchanger with a stainless steel expanded metal mesh burner and the compact Gi has less materials, resulting in minimal wasted heat which speeds up the heating process.

    Compact Size

    The Gi gas heater has one of the smallest footprints reducing the valuable real estate taken by your pool equipment. Installation is easy, with reversible headers to minimise plumbing space and cost.


    Made from long life recyclable plastics, stainless steel internals and high grade components, Insnrg’s Gi Gas Heater will last years providing trouble free enjoyment and pleasure in your pool or spa. The Insnrg Gi Gas Heater is available with various options to get the best performance for your individual circumstances.

    Natural or Propane Gas?

    Each Insnrg Gas heater is available in Natural or Propane models, so you don’t need to have a towns gas supply to get the most from your investment.

    Indoor or Outdoor?

    The Gi Gas Heater is supplied to suit outdoor installation, however a simple conversion enables it to be installed indoors with up to 18m (60ft) of 125mm (5in) flue. The recommended flue is small in diameter making installation easy and roof or wall penetrations less invasive (flue kits must be ordered separately and installed by an authorised person).


    Your heater is easily connected to Insnrg’s inTouch control system allowing control at your fingertips on any smart device. Add the Insnrg Internet Portal to your system and you will be able to connect anywhere in the world using your home network. Imagine the peace of mind of receiving alerts from your pool or being able to monitor and control from wherever you are. Requires free intouch app. iOS & Android compatible. Download Brochure
  • Extend your swimming season with an Aquatight Solar Heat Pump

    Aquatight Solar Heat Pumps – Heat your pool and extend your swimming season for just a couple of dollars a day. Aquatight Solar Heat Pumps use similar principles to reverse-cycle air conditioners – it’s tested, ultra-reliable technology. They also use Eco Friendly refrigerant. Easy standard power point installation Simply plug in the 10amp power cord and you’re good to go. Designed for maximum efficiency Aquatight is so efficient it operates at temperatures from as low as 20 degrees and like all pool heating systems it works best when combined with a pool cover. Simple, fuss-free control An integrated Touch Pad Control makes an Aquatight Solar Heat Pump easy to operate and control. There’s also an optional Aquatight Controller for fully automatic operation. Get a world-class Aquatight Solar Heat Pump – and jump in. aquatight-10-year-warranty-3-year-logoaquatight-eco-friendly-logo Download Brochure