There have been many ways and methods produced and promoted to sanitise your pool water but few are as effective, safe and reliable as a salt or mineral chlorinator. For your pool to be safe to swim in, algae and bacteria needs to be eliminated. The chlorinator cell instantly kills algae and bacteria as the pool water passes through the cell but in addition, it creates a residual sanitiser level which stays in the pool water, killing contaminants as they enter the water in any part of the pool.

Why Choose Insnrg’s Ni Chlorinator?

Flexible and Adaptable

By dissolving salt, or minerals such as magnesium or potassium in your pool water at roughly the concentration of the salt in your eyes, Insnrg’s Ni Chlorinator produces sufficient sanitiser to keep the largest residential pools clean, healthy and safe. The Ni chlorinator works in conjunction with a wide range of salt and mineral levels to produce the right level of sanitiser for your pool. The inbuilt time clock combined with the output control allows you to set the operating hours and power of the cell to suit your pool size and the environmental conditions. Use the Ni Controller to set your pump operating hours, with up to 4 x timer periods for each day.

Durable and Reliable

Insnrg uses high quality components throughout and the Ni chlorinator has been designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions that pool equipment endure. The controller housing is sealed to prevent insect ingress and built with a large heat sink to reduce the temperature of electronic components. Covered by an industry leading warranty, you can rest assured that your pool will be ready to swim in when you are.

Low Maintenance

The Ni chlorinator has an intelligent variable reverse polarity algorithm that ensures debris and calcium that adhere to the inside of the cell are cleaned, almost eliminating the manual cleaning process and ensuring long life.

Unique Cell Design

A unique cell tilt sensor ensures correct installation and enhances the safety of your pool. In addition, the cell is designed for a large range of flow rates which is especially desirable with today’s modern variable speed pool pumps. The ability to process both low and high water flow rates ensures the water covers all critical cell components improving efficiency and the life of your chlorinator.

Integration with Insnrg’s Qi Varible Speed Pump

The easy to use in built timer enables different time periods and pump speeds when integrated with Insnrg’s Qi Variable speed pump. This allows flexible choice of high flow circulation to reach all areas of your pool and then minimise your operating costs by reducing the pump speed for the rest of the day.

Remote Control at your Fingertips

Combine with Insnrg’s inTouch pool automation app so that you can monitor, change outputs and timer periods from your smart phone or tablet.

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