Bringing your pool into the future with InTouch automation

Your backyard swimming pool is a great investment for your household. The family will get many years of enjoyment and potentially it will add significant value to the property at time of selling or renting.

However, most pools require some time and money to ensure it is always in tip top condition. Imagine if you could monitor and control all aspects of your pool equipment from any smart device, anywhere in the world. No longer get a green pool ‘surprise’ when you return from holidays.

Insnrg have develop the inTouch range of pool automation to make this happen.

Why Choose Insnrg inTouch Automation?

Insnrg have designed and manufactured their electrical pool equipment to include the latest ‘Bluetooth Mesh’ technology which allows easy access to automation.

It’s Simple!

Any Insnrg product that has Bluetooth included can immediately be connected to the inTouch App simply by downloading and following the instructions. It’s like having your smart device as the remote control for your equipment.

Download the App

The inTouch App is available in the Apple store or Google Play to suit any smart device. Set-up your user name and password, then follow the instructions to activate your applicable equipment. Now you can monitor and control from your backyard. You can also give access to any family member.

Connect anywhere in the world

Imagine away on holidays and you can’t remember if you turned off the Gas Heater, rather than wait till you return to a warm pool and an expensive bill, grab your smart device, check and change if needed.

Simply purchase the inTouch Portal which will connect to your home Wifi network, then enable you to use your App wherever you are.

Give Access to Your Pool Professional 24/7

To maintain the healthiest, safest water possible it is always recommend to involve your local pool professional who can provide you with the best possible solutions for your pool. If you have connected your equipment with the inTouch Portal, you can now give access to your local pool professional.

They will be able to monitor your connected equipment and even set-up alerts should key qualities go out of range. Imagine being able to fix a problem before it becomes a costly exercise, the ultimate peace of mind.

InTouch Extension

If you have a large pool with many equipment features such as Waterfalls, Spa Blower, Deck Lights, entertainment systems to name a few, then the inTouch Extension gives you the ability to connect up to 4 more additional products to control on your inTouch App.

You can also utilise with non-Insnrg branded products and at least operate on or off.

Relax, you’re covered (Warranty and Dealer Support)

Your inTouch automation systems come complete with a 2 year warranty. Refer to Insnrg website for further details. Check with your local pool professional about implementing a maintenance program to ensure you maximise the life and performance of your investment.

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