• The "Crystal Series" Aquatight sand filters are heavy-duty and combine the world's best filtration technology.

    Aquatight Diamond Series heavy duty high performance filters feature worlds best filtration technology, are engineered for maximum energy efficiency with a moulded design for superior strength and longer life. Performance features include:
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to install & operate
    • Suitable for all pools & spas
    • Perfect with automatic pool cleaners
    • Engineered multi port valve
    • Self sealing barrel unions
    • We recommend Zelbrite filter media
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  • In some applications, a cartridge filter is the very best option. And in those situations, the unique Australian made and designed Aquatight Enviro Cartridge Filters are also the very best option.
    • Perfect for pools and spas - no back-wash line
    • Ideal where waste water disposal is a problem
    • 5 year warranty


    The Aquatight Enviro Cartridge Filter is remarkably compact. The unique design allows for 3 output configurations, all with 1 inlet and up to 3 outlets. In all 3 configurations it provides exceptional performance in a very convenient package.

    High Quality

    The quality of any cartridge filter is primarily determined by the quality of its cartridge. The Enviro Cartridge Filters use one of the world’s best Du Pont Reemay filter elements. The finest particles are filtered without embedding them in the element. So it not only cleans the water more completely, it also cleans itself more thoroughly and more easily than other cartridges. When it does need cleaning, the lid is simple to remove.


    The lock ring lid provides a safe and sure method of sealing the lid positively even under the high pressures created by today’s pumps. Every Aquatight Enviro Filter will cope easily with high spa temperatures and while the maximum operating pressure is just 300 kpa. When sealed the automatic internal pressure release valve prevents damage to the pump and filter should the filter element ever become blocked. Download Brochure
  • The "Crystal Series" Aquatight sand filters are heavy-duty and combine the world's best filtration technology.

    The "Crystal Series" sand filters incorporate seamless moulded HPDE design for superior strength to cope with the harshest conditions. Performance features include:
    • Easy to Clean
    • Suitable for Salt Pools
    • Suitable for use with Automatic Pool Cleaners
    • High quality 6 position multi-port valve
    • Self-sealing barrel unions
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  • Extraordinary Performance for any Pool or Spa.

    The Aquatight Saturn series sand filters are designed for harsh Australian conditions and deliver consistent high performance filtration.
    • Powerful filtration
    • High density corrosive proof polyethylene
    • 6 position multiport valve
    • A model to suit any Pool or Spa
    • High flow rate for better filtration
    • Use with automatic pool cleaners
    • Easy to clean
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